Solutions for coating

& laminated scantlings

  veneer wood for flexible coating


  continuous rolls of flexible veneers for the coating of patterns are prepared,

  finger-jointed and laminated:


• Non-woven (23 to 50 g/m²): standard.


• Supports barriers (70 to 120 g/m²): anti moisture, eliminates glue lift.


• contrast lamination (70 to 120 g/m²): for the coating of the recycled materials,

  heavily stained, stained..


• krafts: (80 g to 250 g/m²) designed specifically for the purpose of packaging,

  it allows high speed implementations with adhesives from plant and animal.


  Sanded to the optimum thickness on the basis of the minimum radius of profile to

  coat and finally cut and rewound into continuous rolls in the specific width

  required for the profile to coat. continus dans la largeur spécifique

  nécessaire pour le profil à enrober.


  They can be also supplied ready to be coated without additional operation,

  with a natural varnish (different levels of brightness possible) or tinted,

  then varnished (with duplicate of your colors by hue).